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Progress Beyond Achievement

Our Mission

Through our dynamic “Progress Beyond Achievement” model, our desire is to provide guidance and education in a safe and comfortable environment in order to help individuals build fulfilling and sustainable, healthy lifestyles.



My Story

After a few years of working in finance, I created ICS Fitness because I have experienced first hand, and through others, the multitude of physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that a progressive, well-designed training program can offer.

I collaborate with individuals looking to make healthy lifestyle changes, and provide them with the necessary tools and guidance to obtain their fitness goals. In my childhood, I enjoyed playing sports, especially basketball, inspired by my father who was a professional basketball player. I knew then that sports would always be part of my life, and as I grew older I became drawn to the union of athleticism and health. This, in combination with my penchant for helping others led me to my career path in personal training.

After graduating in the top 5% of my class at the American Academy of Personal Training in New York City, I took my first job at a high-end gym. I then had the opportunity to work with top industry leaders and gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise. After four years training, and managing a boutique personal training team, it was time to venture out on my own. Today, in stark contrast to my days in finance, every morning I wake up excited to work with a broad spectrum of enthusiastic and motivated individuals seeking fitness training in a number of different areas.

My personal philosophy is to do what you love and to continue learning. I attend as many seminars, conferences and fitness workshops as possible. Furthermore, I have a Master's degree in Kinesiology.

Additionally, I am fluent in Spanish, French, English, and German, as well as a little Basque. I also have a degree in Languages Applied to Business, and a Master's degree in Management and Cross-Cultural Negotiations from the University of Bordeaux, France. All of which allows me to be a dedicated, multidimensional and distinct personal trainer.


Conrad Sanchez

Primary Certifications:

  • Master's in Kinesiology

  • AAPT

  • ACSM

  • NASM


  • Post-Rehabilitation

  • Injury Prevention

  • Chronic Disease training

  • Weight loss


  • Post-Rehab Exercise

  • Sports Performance

  • Protective Spine Exercises

  • Pre- and Postnatal Women

  • Obesity and Nutrition

  • Training Obese and Overweight Populations

  • Training Aging Populations

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

  • Functional Movement Screen

  • Marathon Training

  • Training the Office Athlete

  • Barefoot Training Specialist

  • Barefoot Power and Agility

  • Kettlebell Concepts Level 1 & 2

  • Olympic Weight Lifting

  • Brain and Balance Specialist

  • Corrective Exercise

  • Group Exercise

  • Tai Chi