Testimonials ICS Fitness-Personal Training Manhattan Brooklyn LIC

Testimonials ICS Fitness-Personal Training Manhattan Brooklyn LIC

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

I've been training with ICS Fitness for more than two years. They are a very dedicated group of trainers who go out the extra mile to tailor the workouts to my needs. They are routinely rotating exercises, adjusting, and always focusing on right posture to prevent injuries. It took one year to convince my wife to go, she is now even a more hard core fan of Conrad and Ari.
Posted By: Ziad Jalbout
A wonderful personal training experience! Conrad and his team are true professionals. The price was fair, and Jerome, my personal trainer, taught me how to somersault in a quick, easy session. Jerome created a congenial training environment and devised a step by step procedure to teach me how to somersault/roll. Being an ACE certified Personal Trainer myself, I must say that from start to finish, Conrad and his team exuded the highest level of professionalism, courtesy, and knowledge of physical training. First impressions are always indelible, and this impression is truly a positive and lasting one. I highly recommended ICS fitness, and I will definitely be back in the future!
Posted By: Evan B.
Having trainers from ICS Fitness come to our office has been life-changing! These are top notch trainers who you can count on for a consistently excellent workout. What I appreciate the most is that even within a group setting, I get a very individualized training session, always accomodating my specific situation while pushing me to my next level. They have truly been instrumental in catalyzing a culture of health and wellness throughout our office. What started out as a small group of working moms trying to figure out how to fit in a workout has become a much larger group of people who are taking their fitness goals and their ability to manage stress and improve productivity to a whole new level. Love these guys!
Posted By: Dana R.
I have trained with Conrad of ICS Fitness for a couple of months, where I have seen tremendous improvements in many aspects of my fitness. I have a background as an athlete, more than a decade of martial arts training, and an MS in Acupuncture, with many courses in Anatomy and Physiology. I don't impress easily, but I have been thoroughly impressed. Conrad listens, and actually hears what you want to work on, and creates a plan in a very clear, appropriate and non-judgmental way. He meets you where you are and works within your zone, which in my case has continuously expanded. Additionally, I have referred patients to Conrad and his team at ICS and have only heard raving reviews back. Sophisticated, professional, knowledgeable, personable: Conrad delivers.
Posted By: Robert J.
ICS Fitness classes have transformed my body and relationship to exercise! Conrad and Naomi are such great trainers: very knowledgeable and really fun. At age 43 I went from never exercising to doing 3 fitness classes a week with them; the physical results I saw were almost instant, but it’s the mental results that have most taken me by surprise – I feel so great after working out with them that I now crave exercise. Conrad’s expertise in kinesiology has been really helpful in addressing some physical issues I was having, and both he and Naomi have been fantastic about modifying exercises and mixing things up so that we don't get bored. Conrad’s professionalism and flexibility in leading fitness classes twice a week at my organization have created an invaluable culture of fitness at my workplace. I can’t recommend ICS Fitness enough!!
Posted By: Rebecca K.
Conrad worked with me as a prenatal trainer during my last pregnancy, and I cannot recommend him enough. He was completely knowledgable about any prenatal considerations or restrictions, and totally put my mind at ease about staying active during my pregnancy. While Conrad has a gentle, encouraging style as a trainer, he is 100% reliable and always kept me motivated and accountable. He even created a tailored fitness plan and schedule for me to follow in between our sessions, with my prenatal needs in mind. He additionally regularly checked in with me during the week as a constant support system. I highly recommend Conrad as a trainer whatever your need may be: regular support/motivation, or prenatal/postnatal fitness help.
Posted By: Jordana R.
Our company instituted a wellness training and exercise program for management using ICS Fitness over a year ago. The positive feedback from all of our participants has been phenomenal. We’ve used many trainers over the years, but have found Conrad and Ari to be unusual with their combination of skills, caring and flexibility.

On a personal level, I sustained an arm injury (fractured elbow requiring surgery) this past summer, and found them to be extremely helpful in my rehabilitation, and appreciated their ability to work together with my occupational therapist and my surgeon in designing and implementing the proper recovery routine and methodology.
Posted By: Baruch T.
I work with Ari, who is terrific. He's very flexible and accommodating with scheduling and always prompt. I've used lots of trainers over the years and he's definately one of the best. He's very attentive and pushes me. In fact I think I'm lifting more weight (correctly) with him than any of my other trainers. Just the other day I told him my core has never been tighter. After a work out with Ari, my torso feels like a telephone poll - tight and straight.
Posted By: Barry L.
I don’t know how to begin. I don’t want to do this. I will start next week.
These were my excuses until I met Conrad and Naomi. Very patient, motivating, and actually make working out fun! I lost 54 lbs, my cholesterol decreased from 234 to 110 mg/dl, and my A1C went from 8.6% to 6.5%. I highly recommend connecting with them. With their encouragement, I a regular workout routine.
Posted By: Timothy B.
Working out with ICS, Conrad and his team is seriously the best workout I have ever done and kept doing! I have always seen results, even when I was pregnant. I worked out safely and effectively with Conrad up until 10 days before giving birth and I felt great. The focus on exercises that strengthen the core and stability have seriously improved my overall health. Plus he is a great guy and our workouts are not only fun, but always different so I never, ever get bored. Sore, for sure, but the good kind of sore! I highly recommend ICS!
Posted By: Jessica G.

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